September 22, 2019 | Uncategorized

Bridal wear and Jewelryi

Wedding trends are always changing. What was in last year looks ancient even by the start of this year?

With the past year showcasing some epic big fat Indian weddings to the world, 2020 is all geared to reinvent weddings like never before. Motifs of local festivals and folklore are woven into wedding outfits and jewelry is personalized by redoing heritage pieces and the whole run up to the wedding, the D-day and post nuptials are documented on HD videos which resemble Bollywood movies. Weddings in 2019 will be a mix of all high standards set by the past year and the prevailing mood of minimalism and understated style.

Given a choice, every bride will choose tradition over trends when it comes to her wedding. Brides opt for more traditional lehengas over modern ones. Even family heirlooms borrowed from their mothers or grandmothers are rehashed into wedding outfits. Images and motifs connected to the local traditions and myths also find a place on blouses and sarees. People are ready to shell out huge amounts to get the wedding dress of their dreams. A single blouse worn with the wedding saree alone can cost Rs.10,000/- and upwards. These pieces are most likely worn only on D-day. But the cost is not a constraint for most designers these days. Most youngsters want it to be a flawless wedding and costume is the most important factor.

A revival of traditional craft techniques with an element of storytelling. Fashion gurus predict the rise of hand embroidery with intricate floral and bird motifs, along with 3D embellishments, threadwork that features zardozi and pastel silk threads and sequins. Bottle green, warm Indian colors, muted tones, sophisticated patels or neutral pastels like pale pink, ivory, ecru, and silver will rule 2020. Greys and Champagnes will be trending colors for their understated style.

Bold styles are making a return in bridal jewellery. Fashionists are taking a cue from Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas neckpiece which she prepared for her Delhi reception and are raring to go for large chunky jewelry that would steal the show. Layering and mix-and-match styles are also finding a lot of takers. Mixing and matching gemstones and diamonds is also a great way to up cycle and re-use the pieces post the nuptials.